This campaign is one of my first ones so I am quote exited to be able to share in the joys and sorrows of my players. In this campaign I have decided to let the players chose any class they wish regardless of region, but there was a catch. I made them have to write their own bios as to why they were in this campaign. I believe that this “project” helps my players better interact with the world on a role playing platform rather than just playing from the player’s point of view. I have also have placed some NPCs in the party so as to help the players in their dilemmas as well as add a challenge to them with how they can play. So as this is a 12th level campaign I decided to put in a paladin as well a a bard.(You can see the character list if you want the names.). So without further adu I present to you all, The Sheild of Darkness.

The Sheild of Darkness