Petrificus Unem

This poison is a very deadly substance derived from the teeth of black dragons and green dragons.


Name: Petrificus Unem
Type: Poison (injury)Petrificus unem
DC: 19 Fort
Dps: *see description
Description: This poison wotks in three steps, STEP 1: The target must make a will save or become fear full 1d6 psycic ongoing damage will save negates. STEP 2: The target is temporarily immobilized fortitude save negates 1d6 ongoing psychic damage. STEP 3: The acid from the black dragon’s teeth is released causing serious nerve damage. 4d6 +2d4 acid damage and the nerves in the target are numbed out 50% chance of target not feeling anything 1st round +5% per round. The toxin then enters the heart in 5 rounds after the acid has been released causing 6d8 +4d6 +2d4 acid damage.
Value: 6000 gp


The very first brew of Petrificus Unem was created by a dark mage named Magnis Starfeild. It was created to kill the Empire of the old kindom.

Petrificus Unem

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