The Sheild of Darkness

Meeting our characters
A little about us.


DM: Ok guys, tell me about you’re characters…Or something of that nature.
Galstaf: Um ok, well I am playing a sorcoror named Galstaf. As for the description you had us all write and the bio, He weighs ruffly 120 lbs and is 5’3".
DM: Ok, I see you chose to play a human. Not very creative in my opinion, but it will work. Who else?
Ka-nik: I have chosen to try my hand at an Orc bard this time.
DM: A bard?
Ka-nak: Yes, should be fun. He’s aproximatly 200lbs and is 5’6".
DM: Alright, who’s next?
Caldrin: I have made a bit of a blunder with this character I’m afraid. It’s an elf Barbairian with a level or two in Bard.
DM: That sounds pretty awesome to tell the truth. I look foward to seeing how you play your character.
Malakithas: I decided on a simple warlock. Her size and weight is hard to tell as she is covered in dark cloaks and a simple lare of black chain mail.
DM: Alright, so let’s begin shall we. You are all walking around your home city of Flandora. The city’s towering buildings sprout from the ground like Forrest trees, with seas of cobblestone around them. Two of you have been summoned to the capital building, where the lord of the city sits in his throne. The dark metal plates of his armor barly catch the sunlight which creeps in through the crackes in the walls of the building. “Greatings heros.” he says in a booming voice. “I assume you know why you are here.”
Caldrin: “Actually I thought you would tell us…”.
DM: As the words leave your mouth a guard moves towards you and burries the but of his spear into your chest. “You dare talk to his magisty that way?!” he says.
Malakithis: “We ment no disrespect, your magisty. Please excuse my friends insolence.”(Charisma check of 13), will that work?
DM: The guard backs off as the lord says “Of course,of course. I apologize my men can be a bit rough at times. Allow me to shed some light on the subject. 5 days ago we received a letter from one of the many settlements I control. They seem to be having a but of trouble with a few of their occupants. I would ask that you venture there and find the cause of this little ‘set back’ so that the production of our wheat doesn’t stop.”
Malakithis: “Yes of course your grace.” I suggest we leave and prepare for our adventure.
DM: Ok, so you all walk into the market. After walking around and collecting your supplies, you feel as if you’re being watched. At this time you can make spot checks if you wish.
(numerous spot checks were rolled, none of them successful of the 19 DC)
DM: Your eyes peel through the crowd,but you can’t see anything out of the ordinary exept for a few shaddy deals.


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