Angelic Dust

Angelic Dust is able to Confuse and some times numb any target that inhales it.


Name: Angelic Dust
DC: Fort 28, Will 19
Description: When Angelic Dust is released into the air the target who fails its Fort save they will have to make a Will save or become confused and wont be able to attack. A 50% chance for the senses to become numb. A d8 must be rolled to move full movement in a particular direction.
Value: 7000 GP


Angelic Dust was created as a way to get back at a king by makeing his court jester into a well polised assasin. The jester known as Janar Kingswallo was suppost to throw it at his king at a gathering known as the Danceing of Kings a well know celebration in honor of the very first high king of the land Almis Goldenwing who united the smaller kingdoms. But this poisoning would be short lived for the poison would be inter septed by a theif named Asalin Kolsan who had teamed up with some guards but then doble crossed them. Who knows where it is know.

Angelic Dust

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